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9-5 || APA Reference List

1Q: Research the following terms until you find at least two useful articles with definitions for EACH
business etiquette
social skills
business ethics
social intelligence

2Q:  Record all of the information about the article, journal, book, or webpage needed for a
bibliographical source using the APA referencing format.

You do NOT need to summarize the articles, books, or web documents.
You DO need to note the title, author, publication date, and other details for each source.
The specific details required and how the required details need to be presented
(sequence, format, punctuation, & syntax) MUST follow the APA style rules and guidelines.

3. The maximum number of web pages you may include in your references page is 5.
Only 5 of the 12 sources can be a web page.
The remaining 8 sources can be any other type of information source (book, magazine
article, journal, interview, eBook, etc).
You may use the internet to find or learn about a relevant book, but your entry must
reference the actual book and not the web page on which you found the book.

4. Present your APA styled list of 12 references as if it was the references page for a report titled,
APA Reference List Assignment.
Use correct margins, paragraph spacing, indentation, and other formatting set forth by the
APA referencing style guidelines.
Do NOT include any course information or assignment information at the top of the
Use only the header specified by the APA Style Guidelines.

5. Compare your list of references to the example posted on Canvas.
Modules // // SAMPLE >> APA Styled List of References

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