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a documentary about sexual assault

The Hunting Ground. Directed by Kirby Dick. Ro*Co Films, 2015.

Discuss who you are in terms of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, nationality, religion, and upbringing, among other significant events that greatly influenced you, and how your standpoint impacts on your perception about the issue of sexual assault the video addresses.

2. Find one or two common thread(s) between you and your partner and analyze where the common view comes from.

3. Find one or two respectful disagreement(s) between you and your partner and carefully discuss where the gap derives from.

4. What is your take on this issue and what is your individual activism to improve the situation?

5. What is something that you and your partner agree to work together as activists to make a change?

As long as you address these points, feel free to express your thoughts, opinions, and feelings creatively.

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