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active discussion 8e

For this assignment, identify an interview/interrogation concept or concern and write an article about it. The topic is to be completely researched. The article length is dictated by the topic and publisher’s guidelines, but the article must be no less than 1200 words. (Normally 2000 words are required.) This assignment should reflect “critical thought” of your selected topic and should not be a short story on your opinion of a particular topic. Critical thinking is an attempt to train the mind in a self-reflective and self-directed manner. Its purpose is to make thinking clear, precise, accurate, relevant, consistent, and fair. It is open-minded, yet skeptical. No claim is rejected out of hand. Note that the term “critical” refers to performing a critique, which evaluates both strengths and weaknesses in a claim, position, or argument. A critical thinker rigorously applies intellectual standards to both sides of an issue, notwithstanding personal preference.
NOTE: The object of this assignment is to create a scholarly article based on extensive research. The article is not meant to be a short story on your opinion of a particular topic. Any articles that are not written in the required manner will not be accepted. Your article should not be written for a newspaper column commonly known as Letters to the Editor.

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