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Why I want to be an adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner
(1) Why you are choosing this particular program of study
(2) Your plans upon completion of the graduate degree
(3) How your current work experience will enhance your experience in this MSN program
rticulate personal and professional goals, motivation for seeking an advanced nursing degree, and reasons you are selecting your chosen specialty.
Discuss how your previous academic and life experience will contribute to the nursing profession and our program.

the above questions needs to be adressed in the essay, i will give my back ground
i have  4 year experince in emergency nursing, two  yearwhich are kaiser permanente.I am currenlty doing MBA program in health care managment to hone my leandership skills, ultimelelty i wante to be acute care NP. i have had many  mentors to guide me to this path. I recentely did  TNCC ( trauma nurse crtical course),  recently interviewed at  level 2 and 3 trauma center,i plan to join  level 3 trauma center this year by march 2021 to hone my crtical skills.

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