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Amazon Organizational Issues


Students will prepare a one-page (250-300 word) abstract that proposes the organization “Amazon”. The abstract should identify the organization and a brief background of two to three problems that were recognized. If a student is choosing a personal workplace, names may be disguised if desired. During the course, students will research theories within the readings for application, and may find more organizational issues emerge as the study of these theories continue in the course. You will also need to include at least 3 references and make sure you cite your sources properly using APA 7 format.

Please read over the grading rubric before starting.

Readings: Merida (Entire Book)
                  Organizations & Organizing by Scott (pp 1-34) attached

Note: If I like your work, I will keep you for the entire 8 weeks. Please no plagiarism. Please also include biblical integration in the abstract.

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