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An evaluation of how advertising agencies and online/digital agencies are being influenced by media convergence and fragmentation

You should use a good selection of academic and business references, especially relevant academic journal articles.

There are many useful sources of critical and trade information including:
• https://www.marketingritson.com/,
• https://www.private-eye.co.uk/media-news,
• https://www.monbiot.com/category/media/,
• https://www.ft.com/companies/media,
• PR Week,
• Campaign.

A good essay will tend to do more than merely describe what’s happening – it will make an argument, put across the writer’s point of view, while helping to clarify relevant theoretical issues for the reader from the academic literature.

Strong answers will
• Be Theory-driven.
• Demonstrate evidence that you have thought carefully about the essay.
• Use terms with precision – and relate convergence to fragmentation – and both of these to the question.
• Integrate the theoretical (and practical) ideas gleaned from the academic (and practitioner) literature with the reality of the contemporary agency scene.
• From the first paragraph of the essay directly address the question that had been posed; throughout the body of the essay continue to attempt to answer the question; and at the end summarise your argument.

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