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analyzing a Police Department

analyze how the department is organized and determine, what are various functions of the police department’s, units/divisions?Also from the organizational chart you receive, you will suggest what changes you would make to the organizational chart if you were the Chief of Police of that agency and why you would make those changes.

You then might continue your paper by writing about the demographics in the city of Baltimore.Is it an urban city or a suburban town? Where is it located in this country? Maybe talk a little about their history. Also talk about the current crime situation in Baltimore. What are the major issues in Baltimore?Also, these facts can be used later in your paper to assess what changes you might want to make to, “your police department”. For example, more traffic officers because of the traffic related incidents. Maybe there’s a corruption problem in your P.D. so you move officers over to the professional standards division (or internal affairs). etc, etc. Is the B.P.D. properly staffed? Do you need to hire more officers to combat crime issues?How would you go about this process? You are the chief you decide what’s most important and while doing so justify your moves

Also in your research paper, you should break down Baltimore’s Police Departments’ Organization Chart,making reference to some of the ways the Police Department’s job responsibilities are grouped and disseminated. How many police officers work for the P.D.? How many civilians are also employed? What are some of the subsystems? Is the B.P.D. mainly concerned with crime control, order maintenance or a social services type of policing? What is the mission,objectives and goals of the B.P.D.? Do they even have any of these? You might suggest one. Make sure you reference the things you mentioned in your paper.

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