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read Ch 4 of the e-textbook. ( Paying attention to sections 4.3 of the chapter). Then, watch the video clip below that illustrates Erving Goffman’s theory of dramaturgy. 

link– of the book https://openstax.org/books/introduction-sociology-2e/pages/4-introduction-to-society-and-social-interaction

video– link https://youtu.be/6Z0XS-QLDWM

Choose a role that you perform in a particular way (e.g. student, employee, friend).  Describe how you perform this role.

How does the way that you perform this role depend on the context of your performance (for example where you are, who you are interacting with, etc)?

Does a particular status you occupy influence how you play this role? If so how? (For example, think about your gender status, or sexual orientation status, race or class status, citizenship status, etc.)

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