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For this assignment, assume you are a lead teacher in a preschool or TK (transitional kindergarten) class. Your school year has just started and it’s important to reach out to the parents of your students to establish communication and begin building trust. Write a letter to the parents, focus on introducing yourself and outlining your communication policy.

Introduction Start by telling parents who you are. Tell them about your education, how long you have been teaching, and what you like to do in your free time. You can also include a little bit about your teaching philosophy if you have space. (if you are not a teacher currently, you can take some creative license with this part).  Including a small head-shot photo is a nice touch!
Communication Methods   Different families need to hear information in different ways! Its good to have a lot of plans in place for communicating with families. This can include newsletters, emails, phone calls, bulletin boards, and class websites. Give an overview of the different ways youll communicate with parent throughout the year, and be sure to let families know how they can get in touch with you.  Also include what a parent should do if they have a concern or complaint.
Policies – Touch on a few of your classroom policies as they pertain to health, safety and nutrition. This is only a general overview as we will be going into more detail with health and safety policies in the parent handbook you will be writing.  Mostly you want to communicate why you have certain policies (i.e., for the protection of the children and to maintain a healthy classroom environment). This is a great time to set classroom expectations for the parents.

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