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1) As per the efficiency ratios used for your Term Project, what is AVBs NOI/Total Revenue YTD 9/2020 and YTD 9/2019, on a percentage basis?
2) How does your answer to #1 compare to the same calculation for your company?
3) What is the undepreciated book-value of AVBs assets at 3Q20?
4) What is AVBs Overhead/Revenue YTD 9/2020 and YTD 9/2019?
5) What was AVBs Weighted Average Cost of Debt at 3Q20?
6) What is the book-value of AVBs equity at 3Q20?

1) Utilizing the CAPM approach and assuming a Beta of .94 and an Rm of 8.50%, what is your estimate of AVBs cost of equity at 9/30/20?
2) What was AVBs single largest source of cash YTD 9/2020? What was AVBs single largest use of cash YTD 9/2020? What does this tell you?

1) Provide the formula for each of EBITDA, EBIT, and Net Income (all, as per GAAP). In your opinion, which is a better metric for a real estate operating company? Why?
2) Provide the formula for each of ROA and ROE. What are each of these metrics telling us? How do they compare to WAAC and CAPM (define each)?

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