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Watch the entire discussion on YouTube between Lars Ulrich, Chuck D, and Charlie Rose: Lars Ulrich, Chuck D And Charlie Rose On Napster In 2000
Answer the questions below and submit your response on Carmen via Dropbox. Please submit a Word or PDF document, use 12-point Times New Roman font, and double-space your submission. The content of your response should be between 2-3 double-spaced pages. Title pages and other formalities are not necessary. Double-check your submission to make sure you uploaded the correct file on time.

Be sure to answer each part of the question. Consider labeling your responses so it is clear that you addressed all parts of the question.
Out of the media perspectives we have discussed in class (uses and gratifications, political economy, technological determinism), please explain what perspective(s) you believe Lars and Chuck D take when discussing the emergence of Napster, the tradition of the music industry, free music, and digital downloads.

1) For each artist, provide two examples of how they adopt one of the above media perspectives AND be sure to provide some explanation why what they said is consistent or indicative of the particular perspective. For each artist, the examples can illustrate the same perspective or different perspectives. The key is to clearly explain why an example accurately reflects a perspective.

2a) Briefly discuss how you feel about the ethics of downloading music, movies, and TV shows illegally. Then, (2b) explain how you came to hold your current viewwas it through careful conscious decision-making about what is right and wrong? Did you simply adhere to what was normative and typically done by your peers?

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