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Please adhere to the following guidelines for this Reading Response Paper for:

Griggs, Donald L. Teaching Todays Teachers To Teach. (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2003)

Students this a Graduate Level Course and work must reflect a graduate level writing.

Pay attention to sentence structure, spelling, and grammar

Please read Chapter 10 and complete the following.

1.    Analyze (a critical assessment)

a.    Do a specific critique of two or more concepts in the assigned readings.  Things to consider: Are the concepts relevant Why/why not? Are the concepts manageable, realistic Why/why not? Which concepts of the assigned reading resonate with you -Why/why not? Which concepts of the assigned reading do not resonate with you -Why/why not?

b.    What ministry is it applicable to?

c.    Remember to analyze the concepts, not just agree/disagree with them. Question the concepts.

2.    Application (practical use)

a.    Discuss how the concepts are being/can be used in your congregation or small group ministry.

3.    I do not want the following:

a.    A book report It is unnecessary to report the contents of the book-Ive already read it.
b.    A book comparison Since this is a short response paper please focus on the assigned reading and not on any other book that might be similar or dissimilar.
c.    Using concepts from the chapter to analyze your chosen concept. (In other words, do not use the authors words to analyze your chosen concept(s).

4.    Use 12pt font and double space.

5.    No cover page required. Only put your name in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

6.    Pay attention to sentence structure, spelling, and grammar.

7.    The length of the paper should be 2 pages maximum 2 1/3 pages.

#1 Analyze Is it relevant? Necessary? Realistic? Why/Why not?  Do you agree or disagree with the author? Why/Why not?
#2 Spelling/grammar/punctuation errors.
#3 Sentence Structure
#4 Dont use other concepts from the book to analyze concepts.
#5 Include application of concepts in your ministry context. Use the same concepts in analyzing and applying.
#6 Dont make up concepts

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