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Question 1 I want you to talk to your parents/caregivers about what you were like as a baby. Based on what you have learned about temperament, how would they classify you? Can you connect this to the evocative genotype-environment effect? Remember, I am looking for insight into what you have learned and clear examples of how it relates to your experiences/life. Also, remember that I want to hear YOUR voice, not something copied from the internet.

Question 2 help me create a visualization of the Information Cycle as we collectively experienced it during a recent event: The January 6th attack on the United States Capitol. Where did you first learn about the events that took place on January 6th? Social Media? Word of mouth? News? Be specific!!! Upon hearing about the event, where did you go to seek additional information? How has the information changed over time?
What is required in order to get an accurate portrayal of the event? Is it possible to have comprehensive, accurate, unbiased information about the event? Why or why not?

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