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We often make judgments about someone based on their accent, such as how old they are or where in the country theyre from. Its common, too, for people to develop preferences for certain accents. All humans have these sorts of automatic associations and reactions, which are typically described as types of accent bias.

Please watch a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVT9DZGqzL8) created by Amy Walker, an actress, singer, and accent specialist, about bias in general accents. After watching a video, address the following questions:

What was surprising/intriguing in the video?
Do you think you have an accent?
Have you ever felt judged for your accent or voice? If so, share your experience.
Have you ever made assumptions about someone based on their accent or voice?
Do you feel its important to help change the stigmas and assumptions associated with certain accents while honoring their uniqueness? If so, what can you do to help?

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