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Applied Business Ethics

I want first class and that means between 80 and 100, I want you to follow the mark criteria very very very carefully. Read the assignment brief very carefully to know what you need to do. In part A, which is the ethical dilemma essay, do not use any company name for example, if you want to talk about any ethical dilemma in Starbuck or costa use coffee shop instead of their names. In part B, you have three appendices A, B, and C. In Appendix A, The Ethical Leadership Debate (in Seminar 4), see the assignment brief to know what to do and put it or do it on a table . In Appendix B, The Seminar Case (in Seminars 1 and 5), include the table characters, dilemma, option of each character, and moral ethical skills. In this case study, you have more than 9 dilemmas. For example, Boris dilemma, his girlfriend’s dilemma, employee dilemma, sweden company dilemma, parents dilemma, and the manger dilemma. write the name and date of author. choose one character to analyze and the best one to analyze is Boris and choose steak holder.Apply Jones’ (1991) Moral Intensity Framework theory and give more explanation. In seminar 5, use the diagram in slide 9which is a spider web and use the diagram in slide 12. In Appendix C,Interpersonal and Team-working skills, it talks about personal reflection in three segments. The first one is description, the second one interpretation (analyze), and the third one is the outcome.

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