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Averting ‘New Variant Famine’ in Southern Africa: building food-secure livelihoods with AIDS-affected young people

Critically evaluate the methodology and methods used in ONE of the proposed research projects.
In starting to make sense of this material we suggest you begin by reading the project information, user guides/documentation and project report that are available for your project.
This will give you an overview of the project and, in many cases the web link will direct you to publications and other outputs came out of the particular project. From there you will want to have a look at the design of the study as whole and then at the design, sampling, and conduct of the methods. You may also want to look at the raw data  generated (e.g. interview transcripts and survey data) to see how it was used by the researchers either in the final project report or other outputs or both. With a bit of legwork of your own, you can find other relevant materials (either by the project researchers or others looking at similar issues) that will help you put the project in a richer context of understanding. (https://gtr.ukri.org/project/835B15A6-D113-48E5-A647-6A847E271527)
there are lots of good ways that you could go about answering it. In addition to all the usual expectations about clarity of expression and rigor of argument, what we are looking for is to see you show some initiative in seeking out and working with materials related to the particular project you are assessing.
Make sure you cover all different aspects of the methodology and methods of the chosen project: Methodology (research design, ethics, positionality, limitations), methods (details of each method), analysis approach. You can structure your essay any way, as long as you cover all the details. Remember to justify and support your arguments with academic literature.

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