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Behavioral Strategy

The official instructions are:
” Write a case study of a business organization of your choice. Your case
should identify a strategic challenge the firm faces and analyse the
behavioural factors affecting its ability to respond to that challenge. Use
behavioural concepts and theory from the course to: (i) explain and
evaluate the underlying challenge facing the organization and (ii) outline
suitable courses of action for dealing with the challenge based on your
analysis. ”

I have chosen an organization, Motorola, and found out that it failed to adapt to the market since the 2000s. You can either use Motorola for the case study or another company, as you see fit. The only requirements are that the company needs to have lots of information available in the public domain for the case study to use as evidence and analysis. The case study should be supported by at least 3 of the theories taught in my course, which I will include in the form of lecture slides. The case study should include at least 4 diagrams or graphs. The case study should focus on a claim on the company; if it failed or succeeded, with hard facts and analysis supporting that claim. I will upload the lecture slides, from which information should be gathered. I will also upload the Case Study’s Marking Scheme, and the full instructions and guidelines.

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