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Bio-Psycho-Social Model + Addiction

The main purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate the understanding of the bio-psycho-social plus (BPS+) model by applying it to a piece of contemporary media. The focus of this assignment is the addiction to alcohol and/or tobacco!!! Your assignment needs to address the biological/physiological, social, psychological, cultural, and/or historical aspects of addiction as they appear in the subject material you have chosen. Focus your analysis on the BPS+ model!!! (SEE ATTACHMENT)

From the list below, select your media piece (film, book, television show, or series).

Provide a brief and concise summary of the film/show/series        (3 marks)

Clearly define and explain the BPS+ model of addiction            (15 marks)

Analyze the media piece you are using through each aspect of the BPS+ model and by drawing on all of the reading materials from the course            (15 marks)

Conclude your report with a statement of your takeaway learning     (2 marks)

Do not spend all your effort on a mere summary of the book/film/music you are exploring. Do that briefly no more than one page. Reserve most of the space for demonstrating your understanding of the BPS+ model through your analysis.

Options for media selection: ONLY USE ONE OF THESE MEDIA SOURCES:

A Star is Born
Leaving Las Vegas
28 Days
Walk the Line
The Spectacular Now
When a Man Loves a Woman
The Glass Castle
Mad Men
This is Us
Greys Anatomy
Queens Gambit
Indian Horse

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