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I have attached a document with the complete instructions

The paper should examine in detail the identity politics of one specific group or nation and should consider, where appropriate, the historical, social, political, cultural, and racial, implications of membership/citizenship of that group/nation. The main focus of the paper, will be on the aims of the group/nation, why those aspirations are held, and how they set out to achieve their objectives. The paper should provide a well-argued opinion on how successful the group/nation is.

The group: #Black Lives Matter

You could mention Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, rosa parks and so on who brought change into the US for the Blacks. and you can also talk about how this group (BlackLivesMatter) emerged what triggered them, where it started how and why etc..

Use recent events, how it effected social media, how social media has helped spread it not just in the US but around the world.
twitter instagram etc…

I found these links ideas that id appreciate if they were mentioned in the paper as well:

best mannequin challenge https://twitter.com/whereeskb/status/796540385040494592

government courts = whites getting privileged while blacks get sentenced years

minors getting killed

trump winning, blacks reactions??

Things like these ^ recent things should also be mentioned.

the research is to have at least 3 main sources (books, journals, one-on-one interviews, print articles in news or magazines etc.) online sources and google searches are NOT allowed.

I put 6 for the number of sources however more can be used


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