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Briefly summarize the nature of this policy debate

Instructions: Use this template to answer final exam question #2. You may delete the questions, but keep the roman numerals to separate your answers. This part of the midterm should be no more than 5 pages, 12 pt. font, double-spaced.

I. Briefly summarize the nature of this policy debate (one paragraph). II, III, and IV—Together around 2 pages
II. (i) Who are the major actors and what are their policy positions? (ii) Then explain why these actors have policy positions that were reported in the news by discussing the readings in the course. Are their policy positions consistent with what the readings/lecture have taught us? If they differ, discuss your thoughts about why they differ from what we expect from the existing literature.
Supporters of TPP: Opponents of TPP:
III. Which actors do you think have more influence over the Japanese government’s decision to pass ***
IV. Conventional wisdom in Japanese politics is that consumers are powerless compared to producer groups who are more organized and well-resourced. Do you think the politics of TPP confirm or disconfirm this view? Discuss.
V. Your Own “Mini” Research (1-2 pages)
What is missing from these newspaper articles? Find something that you would be
interested in finding out about this policy debate that was not discussed in the
newspaper articles. Do some preliminary research on it using newspaper database
(e.g., Factiva, see http://ucsd.libguides.com/c.php?g=90813&p=584415), library, and Google (Google, Google Scholar). Briefly summarize the question you wanted to find an answer to, how you went about finding the answers (i.e., sources) and your preliminary findings. Also, provide possible explanations for your findings. Don’t forget to cite! And no Wikipedia as a source, please.

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