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l Examination Essay component is worth up to 50 points and is composed of seven questions drawn from material presented in your course’s textbook #2 by Scarpelli. Choose any five of those seven questions to compose your Final Examination Essay component. Each of your five essays are to be a minimumThe Fina of one page (double spaced) in length (excluding the page number(s) bibliography information), 12 font. Compose each individual essay in MLA format. Submit only one (1) single title page at the beginning of your Final Examination Essay. The title page need only include only your name, professor’s name, class subject, and date. At the beginning of each of your essays include the respective question that you are answering, followed by your composed essay (simply cut and paste the question, and then compose your answer to that question). Be sure to do so on each question you are answering. Your Final Examination Essays are to be based exclusively on the information provided in Scarpelli

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