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case analysis week 2

A critical aspect of the Stanford Prison Experiment is the willingness of most people to obey authority even if the actions they are carrying out go against their normal moral judgment. A pioneer in research on Obedience is Stanley Milgram. Please review the brief videos on YouTube.

Milgram’s Obedience to Authority Experiment (view the first one that appears)
Jehovah Witness, Stanley Milgram, the Nazis, and Obedience
Milgram Obediance to Authority
Jehovahs Witnesses, Stanley Milgram , the Nazis, and Obedience

Write a 2-3 page Case Analysis and answers these two questions:

What do these experiments tell us about the way in which individuals respond to authority?
How does this compare with your own observations and experience with obedience to authority?
Locate and discuss at least two peer-reviewed articles.

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