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Case law

For this week, choose a law or bill either from your state or that covers an area in which you have an interest. For example, I chose Human Trafficking. Go to the site Congress.gov.(https://www.congress.gov/search?q={%22source%22:%22legislation%22,%22congress%22:%22117%22}&searchResultViewType=expanded) Type in Human Trafficking as the search term. The first law that came up for me was HR 3244 Victims of Trafficking and Violence Act of 2000 introduced by Rep Christopher Smith, R-NJ-4. I want you to choose one that has already become law because you will see there are committee reports, additional sponsors, actions, amendments and related bills all to be discussed. Take the law you find and explain it start to finish to the class. Dont just cut and paste; instead give your classmates a good understanding of how this came to be, what it is intended to do, what issues it encountered along the way and how long the process took from start to finish. You are not required to add additional references this week for full credit. For your responses, find how your state treats this topic legislatively or a journal article that addresses the concept that can add to the analysis. Be sure to give attribution to your sources!

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