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Staffing OrganizatiOnS Eighth Edition Herbert G. Heneman III University of Wisconsin–Madison Timothy A. Judge University of Notre Dame John D. Kammeyer-Mueller University of Minnesota


Focus Paper Instructions: Weekly papers are research papers that focus on each aspect of personnel selection and evaluation we are reviewing for the week. The Focus Papers topics will be provided, and correlate to the term objectives. Refer to the course schedule for the topics covered during each week. Each Microsoft Word (.docx file extension) paper should be between 750-1000 words, should include a mix of references (including scholarly publications, not just the textbook for the course) and be formatted according to APA standards with proper citations (unless otherwise noted in the instructions for each week).


Determining which HR staffing metrics to measure and report upon, will depend on the organizations goals. Your assignment is to choose two important staffing metrics that are industry standards (and can be implemented or used across multiple industries i.e. time to fill). Why would an organization want to have this data? How can you act upon this data to enhance hiring processes, retention strategies, etc.?

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Staffing OrganizatiOnS Eighth Edition Herbert G. Heneman III University of Wisconsin–Madison Timothy A. Judge University of Notre Dame John D. Kammeyer-Mueller University of Minnesota

write an analysis and application paper applying personality theory to an individual expression of personality, historical or contemporary. Such personalites may be found in: literature, film, poetry, music, myth, tradition, etc. The subjects for the application of theoretical concepts may include playwrights, authors, poets, songwriters, theatrical or movie characters, politicians, cultural icons, etc.



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Staffing OrganizatiOnS Eighth Edition Herbert G. Heneman III University of Wisconsin–Madison Timothy A. Judge University of Notre Dame John D. Kammeyer-Mueller University of Minnesota

List at least five findings from your research, including investigations specified in the project description, related to beam theory. Your research should enhance your understanding of structural beams and help you design your beam alternatives. Any on-line sources used must be technically credible, acceptable, and reliable website sources, such as technical societies or associations, research institutes, etc. The use of on line encyclopedia type references, such as Wikipedia, www.howitworks.com, Britannica Online Encyclopedia, etc. are not acceptable sources. Reference sources using the Chicago Manual of Style format. When preparing the team design package,



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Staffing OrganizatiOnS Eighth Edition Herbert G. Heneman III University of Wisconsin–Madison Timothy A. Judge University of Notre Dame John D. Kammeyer-Mueller University of Minnesota

Writing Dissertation


A dissertation requires adequate preparation. It is usually lengthy and, time consuming. Students writing dissertation tasks for the first time should know the process to follow. A dissertation supports a particular thesis. It is lengthy and, points must be fully discussed. The information contained in the discussion must be supported. It is done using relevant academic materials and, information gathered from genuine sources. These include journals, publications, books and, online sources. These sources are of great assistance to anybody writing dissertation works. Here, is a guide that students should use when writing dissertation papers in any academic discipline:

  1. 1.      The student is normally required to propose a topic. Selection of a topic, when writing dissertation assignments is guided by many factors. The most important of those factors is relevance. The topic must be relevant to the area of study. It gives the student desire and, willingness to continue. The student will be able to gather required information and, data on the topic. This is because the student understands the details on the topic. It becomes easy to complete the work within the given time limit. Late submission of assignments is not allowed in any institution.
  2. 2.      The student must state the rationale of the dissertation. This is an explanation of the importance of studying the topic. The student must justify the implications of studying the topic. It shows the important role the findings of the study will play. The student must then list the theories to be used in discussing the topic. This is called the theoretical framework.
  3. 3.      The main part in writing dissertation assignments is the literature review. This is discussion of relevant literary works on the topic by other writers. The ideas of the writer must be supported using known sources. It is important to cite all references to avoid plagiarism. It is a serious offence to use other writers’ works without acknowledgement.  It is in fact, a criminal offence. Any writer whose work has been referred to must be acknowledged. References can either be direct or paraphrased. This enhances originality in the work submitted and, guarantees high marks.
  4. 4.      The methods and, tools used for gathering data are explained in the methodology. The student decides on what techniques to use to get relevant data for the study. They should be explained concisely for ease of understanding to the reader.
  5. 5.      The final part contains discussions and, conclusions on the findings of the study. This refers to issues that were identified in the literature review. It expresses the student’s feelings and, proposals on further studies.


Writing dissertation tasks can be challenging and, interesting. It is a very informative way of studying a phenomenon. It allows a student to display his skills and, expertise in applying learnt theory. These techniques are very important when students graduate from college. They get jobs that require customized dissertations in various topics. It becomes easy since they already have the exposure from college.

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Staffing OrganizatiOnS Eighth Edition Herbert G. Heneman III University of Wisconsin–Madison Timothy A. Judge University of Notre Dame John D. Kammeyer-Mueller University of Minnesota

With the dearth of quality public academic facilities available, you may consider private high school as the better option for your teens. While public schools may readily expose your children to a myriad of social problems, poor discipline and unsafe situations.


Private high school application packages will usually require admission essays, not only from your children, but from you, too. It is advised to go online and see what types of sample high school admission essay are available for you to consult.


While the teenager’s essay question will deal with his academic achievements up until that point, sporting interests and hobbies, the parents’ questions revolve more around the family setting in which the teen is growing up. Like colleges, private high schools would like to know not only about the teen’s academic performance, but also whether they will be able to personally qualify to be a member of their community. As you settle into the application process, the sample high school admission essay may be a wise tool to consult.


A sample high school admission essay will indicate to parents how to proceed in answering the analytical questions typically asked by private high school panels. These will include questions on their child’s character, the family dynamics, and the potential of the family to be intimately involved in the school’s activities. Other questions may deal with your opinion of your child’s ability to contribute to the school’s activities, sporting and community life.  Are they good debaters? Are they passionate athletes? Do they have a strong sense of community, helping the weak and competing valiantly among the strong? The sample high school admission essay assists you in knowing how to answer these various queries. It is important to answer these questions correctly, as, from your responses, the school may make determinations on the applicant’s family life as well as variables such as the financial ability to maintain school fees. It is recognized that teens who live in a stable familial environment, wherein discipline is consistently instilled, have a higher chance of success academically, than those who do not.


One factor that may provide your application with an advantage is a visit to the school. Make references to what you have seen, in your admission essays, and use them to highlight your child’s interest in the institution. The following is an extract from a sample high school admission essay answer that depicts this:


During our recent visit to X High School, Justin pointed out the newly upgraded science lab, and was curious about the biology and chemistry curriculums taught at the school. Justin has long-held a deep interest in science, in which subject he developed a stellar academic performance in elementary school. W e believe that he will display the same passion and commitment for this subject at advanced levels of education, and may ultimately be planning to work in a scientific or medical field.


The sample high school admission essay will help you indicate that you are, both parents and child, serious and dedicated potential members of the high school community.

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Staffing OrganizatiOnS Eighth Edition Herbert G. Heneman III University of Wisconsin–Madison Timothy A. Judge University of Notre Dame John D. Kammeyer-Mueller University of Minnesota

Good thesis examples are those ones that will inspire you as you write your own. Looking at one should make you feel that it is not a nightmare after all. Do not let them fool you though. Behind each one of them is work that involves research, referencing and proofreading. This is not meant to discourage but to prepare you.

Good thesis examples should be clear, with a logical flow from beginning to end. The reader should find ways of modeling his/her thesis based on it. A good thesis example is a blessing to a thesis writer stuck at some stage. For most people, once you start writing, some parts just end up complex or confusing. This is where good thesis examples come in. Be cautious however, not to end up plagiarizing somebody else’s work since it might do you more harm than good. Paraphrase what you need to because nowadays computer applications can point out copy pasted parts in a paragraph.

Some supervisors, truth be told, are not much of a help when it comes to assisting a student with the thesis. Left alone to beat around the bush, the student is forced to look at what has been done in the past-for learning or even academic purposes. Some examples are written as a teaching material for students. Some have been submitted already and probably gave the owner an A grade.

Good thesis examples are written by professional writers, who use their expertise and experience to aid the young student. Companies that offer writing services which may include customized writing and ready-made research papers have good thesis examples. Some of them are usually on offer, if you want one you just purchase. Some libraries however allow you access to such examples for free.

A thesis writer needs to know how to organize the information he or she has. They need to know whether the thesis statement should be in the abstract or as the first sentence under methodology. Good thesis examples are well formatted and are a useful tool to the lost writer.

Some chapters form the basic structure for all theses. These include introduction, literature review, methodology, conclusion etc. Good thesis examples should have the correct information under the correct chapters. Information meant for the literature review should not end up under methodology for instance.

Bear in mind when going through thesis examples that formatting styles change depending on the institution. Some of the styles include MLA, APA, Oxford, Harvard, Chicago etc. Good news is there are guidelines online on how each of them works. Failure to adhere to the styles can lead to a rejection of your thesis.

If it possible, find out the writer of the thesis example you read so that you establish their credibility. Some companies guarantee not less than 5-year experience for their writers. Good thesis writers can be used when one needs advice and some of them provide their contacts for those who need it. Some companies have them on hire, even for those who need dissertation coaching.


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Staffing OrganizatiOnS Eighth Edition Herbert G. Heneman III University of Wisconsin–Madison Timothy A. Judge University of Notre Dame John D. Kammeyer-Mueller University of Minnesota

Being stuck at the PHD level because of an undone or yet to be finished dissertation is not news. To finally go through the dissertation process, you need to set up goals and structures that are realistic. Dissertation coaching helps you do this. When somebody is accountable to a coach, they have some pressure that helps them meet their weekly milestones.


Constant feedback and acknowledgement reinforces one’s confidence in his or her abilities. Dissertation coaching provides that moral support you need. It also helps prioritize weekly tasks to keep the dissertation on track.  Meeting with your coach regularly can boost your performance, not just in the field but also in academics. External critique that comes with dissertation coaching keeps you objective and provides a sense of clarity.


Dissertation coaching removes the perception that writing a dissertation is something impossible and overwhelming. This is done by breaking down the whole thing into smaller chunks, with weekly achievements. Something as simple as having somebody to vent to when low and frustrated helps in an indirect way.

For those who doubt that dissertation coaching helps, look at the numbers. Dissertation coaching services are springing up all over and receiving orders from many students world over. Moreover, the coach is usually a specialist who knows the procedure and experience of writing a dissertation.


Dissertation coaching helps in the following issues and can come in at any stage of your work:

  • Narrowing down the topic you want to end up doing. Because of his or her extensive/intensive reading, the advice your dissertation coach will give will make it easier to make a choice.
  • Formulating the problem statement and hypothesis
  • Finding literature to be reviewed. Your dissertation coach will probably know the central works in your chosen topic. They should direct you accordingly to the right sources.
  • Developing the appropriate methodology for the chosen topic
  • Managing time is also done by the dissertation coach and it is for your benefit
  • Writing the dissertation proposal
  • Explaining the basics of formatting, style and procedure for presentation of your dissertation.
  • Preparing for the meeting where you will defend your work in front of the dissertation committee
  • Answering any arising queries


Dissertation coaching will help you avoid plagiarism because of the expertise and experience of your coach.  Note that a dissertation coach will not write the proposal or dissertation for you. This is not in any way different than a coach playing the match for the player. Dissertation coaching just increases the efficiency and ease with which you will do the writing. You find yourself enjoying dissertation writing.

Ensure you have your coach’s contacts. This does not mean unnecessary interruptions; hence scheduled meetings must be honored.

To find dissertation coaching services, check out advertisements on college notice boards, websites online and just ask around. Better yet, friends can be invaluable here, especially if they have used dissertation coaching services. Colleagues in the same faculty or field may also be good sources.




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Staffing OrganizatiOnS Eighth Edition Herbert G. Heneman III University of Wisconsin–Madison Timothy A. Judge University of Notre Dame John D. Kammeyer-Mueller University of Minnesota

The last stretch of a marathon of a doctoral degree is the doctoral dissertation. Getting a dissertation requires months or years of intensive writing and researching. It is both a major personal and professional challenge on the body in order to complete it.  It is very important that you be extremely organized in order for you to earn your doctorate. Below are some guidelines that can assist you during the long haul of your studies.

  1. Learn about the department’s specific requirements and guidelines.  Most of these programs have already established formal dissertation procedures. It is imperative that you determine proposal requirements, paperwork and rules, time frames and other considerations.
  2. You need to go through a high quality doctoral dissertation that was done in your field. Get recommendations from your adviser. It’s very important that you look into your options and resources before you make your final decision.
  3. Organize yourself, make a plan, create a time line and set a budget. You should also be prudent in making your plans because anything unexpected might occur. For example your research might require additional funds.
  4. You should start as soon as possible on your doctoral dissertation. Most candidates benefits from starting on the dissertations early. You should regularly consult your adviser and dissertation committee. Whenever you hit a glass ceiling you should seek advice so as to not waste any of your valuable time. No dissertation goes smoothly without any hinges, so its important to be disciplined to succeed.
  5. Try to establish an efficient system of going about your doctoral dissertation, this system should let you compile notes, revise, attend meetings, research and work on other dissertation- related activities. Depending on how good you are with technology you could use personal organizers, databases and spread sheets.
  6. You must maintain focus on the topic for you dissertation whilst you are writing and researching. Your doctoral dissertation should either solve a problem or answer a question. Research might lead away from the projected plan but it is important to stay your course.
  7. Most people over criticize themselves to the point where they lose complete confidence in their ability to do the work correctly. Self-doubt will do you no good, what should relax you is that a dissertation is a marathon and not a sprint. There is time to solve problems that you might encounter.  The discipline, energy and commitment that a dissertation takes from you can take a heavy toll on you. It is important that you try and erase defeatist thoughts from your brain.
  8. You should organize your notes and prepare a hard copy just in case of anything. You should rehearse with your peers or a coach. It is advised that your dissertation should resemble a presentation. This might assist you to answer questions easier. If it’s the night before you defend your dissertation, it is suggested that spend a good’s night sleep so as to be fresh the morning before.
  9. Last but not least is that you take care of your body through exercise and regular diet to fight off fatigue that comes from the long work on your doctoral dissertation.

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Staffing OrganizatiOnS Eighth Edition Herbert G. Heneman III University of Wisconsin–Madison Timothy A. Judge University of Notre Dame John D. Kammeyer-Mueller University of Minnesota

Dissertation abstracts are short briefs that highlight the main ideologies of a thesis. There are two common of dissertation abstracts mainly informative dissertation abstract and descriptive dissertation abstract. There is a third one known as a critical dissertation abstract but it is not very common.


A descriptive dissertation abstract looks more like the bare outlines of the ideas of the thesis, together with the scope and methodology of the research. There are no results or conclusions of the work.

An informative abstract goes deeper than the descriptive in that it’s an edited form of the arguments made. The other difference is that there is a summary of the evidence that’s in the thesis.

It is important to note that when writing dissertation abstracts you should:

  • Make a choice on the particular theme that you want to investigate.
  • Balance out your time so that one side of the family doesn’t get ignored when you are working on the dissertation.
  • Write out a structure that highlights your methodology from the beginning of your research.
  • It is necessary to use the library resources and noting down from the source material.
  • The research must have both the qualitative and quantitative research.
  • You must cite all the references that you want to use.
  • The project must be properly structured in a logical manner.
  • The work must be edited, reviewed and undergone proof reading.
  • It is also necessary to incorporate feedback.

The top most factors of the abstract dissertations are that the statements made must be defendable and correct. One should be able to have data that backs up there material just in case any questions are asked. The discussions that occur in a study should satisfy the logic that applies to both science and mathematics used in the paper. The important part of a dissertation is crucial thinking. The work should show both concepts and analysis in the structure of the dissertation.

The best method for building abstract dissertations is the inside-out. The chapters in the beginning could explain your research. Whenever a term arises it should be well be defined. Even if a technical term is used in a conventional manner it is important that it’s defined. It is necessary for the definitions to be formal and precise. Each chapter of the abstract dissertations should be organized. After you have gone through the middle chapters one should verify terminology and write a high quality conclusion. The introduction of the dissertation must be written after the conclusion is done. Finally, complete an abstract.

The abstract dissertations are necessary mainly because it finalizes the whole research paper. It may contain a single paragraph or be in two segments. What is important is that it is both clear and concise. Unnecessary glue words should be avoided; it should be straight to the point so that the reader can get the overall idea about the research. The introductory part of the first chapter shows the thesis statement, background of the study and finally the overall purpose of the research.

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Staffing OrganizatiOnS Eighth Edition Herbert G. Heneman III University of Wisconsin–Madison Timothy A. Judge University of Notre Dame John D. Kammeyer-Mueller University of Minnesota

Cases studies essentially being detailed records of development within a stated context, their creation of case studies will usually involve a critical analysis of data, or case study analysis. In business, a case study will additionally present tentative solutions to established business problems. The two kinds of case study analysis approach used in this field are Issue cases and Appraisal cases.


Issue Case Study Analysis:  This type of analysis allows a company’s management to identify a specific problem through a detailed examination of the negative resulting effects surrounding it.


Appraisal Case Study Analysis: This type of analysis is supervisory measure. Once a problem has been identified, and a solution has been found and implemented in order to resolve it, the Appraisal analyses how well the solution is working, or whether it might need adjustment.



Case Study Analysis Steps


There are four main steps in conducting a case study analysis, namely:


  1. An analysis of business operations through the view of the originally developed concept: This answers the general question as to whether the company headed the right way.


  1. The Diagnosis of an identified problem, and its degree: What factors are hindering or slowing down the company’s progress?


  1. The Development of possible solutions to the identified problems


  1. An analytical review of the entire process.



The Role of a Case Study Analysis


Case study analysis allows a company a detailed, objective overview of operations it would not otherwise have. Because they have been thoroughly analyzed, any problems identified are more likely to be resolved successfully and finally. These include marketing strategies and policies regarding changing market conditions.


Cases Study Analysis in Academia

In academia, there are six surefire factors that ensure that a case study analysis will be properly written up.


  • A proper format. A business case study is differently formatted than a medical case study, and so on. Ensuring that you have the correct format for your purpose will also help you in organizing your ideas, and slotting in vital points in the correct places.


  • A full and clearly expressed statement of intention from the writer, as to his objectives.


  • A clearly expressed statement on the intention of the case study. What is the writer seeking to bring attention to? What may future researchers on the subject gain from consulting this analysis?


  •  It is important to have completed your research fully, before you even attempt to begin writing up your study. This is vital for organization purposes, and also to ensure that you literally have all the information you need at your finger tips.


  • Double check all your facts, figures, dates and names. Remember that your study, once completed will itself become a document of reference for others. All reference material should be comprehensively cited and clearly set out.


  • Chunks of text are never attractive, especially in a long document. Wherever practical, insert graphics, charts and/or illustrations of your points, in order to make it even easier for the reader to follow your train or argument, as well as keep him interested.
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