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cell penetrating peptide, bioportide and PPI

literature review
CPP/Bioportide technologies have the capcity to reach intracellular sites that may be intractable targets for conventional drugs. Moreover, it is likely that many bioportides achieve a biological influence by a dominant-negative action upon protein-proitein interactions (PPIs).
Your next task is to choose a protein or a PPI interface that might be a useful target for therapeutic manipulation. There are of course many possibilities and I am keen for you to choose your own! Now imgaine you are tasked by a pharmaceutical company to develop a strategy, employing CPPs/Bioportides, to manipulate that intracellular target. You will need to produde a report to pass on to the peptide synthesis team highlighting sequences of peptides that can be screened as potential therapeutics. These might be inert CPPs attached to a bioactive peptide seuquence or a bioportide that is predicted to be both cell penetrant and bioactive. Your project write-up is essentially that report. The results section will contain the sequences and stratagies that you design to influence the activity of your intracellular protein or process. Theoretically, I could pass on your project to next year’s students and ask them to manufacture the peptides you design.

For those of you who decide to embark upon the DRY Project, your literature review should focus on Cell Penetrating Peptides, Bioportides and Protein-Protein Interactions

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