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Changing Behavior

For your writing assignment this week, describe three potential behaviors that you would like to change, by either increasing or decreasing the behavior. You may choose a behavior of your own to change (such as I need to study more every week) or you may choose to modify a behavior of one of your children (I want my son to spend less time playing video games each week).  You may choose a child as you are in charge of rearing that child and spend a major portion of each day with the child.  You may not choose to modify a behavior of an adult other than yourself so that we do not break any ethical guidelines.  In your writing, discuss why you feel the behavior is a problem that needs to be changed.  At the end of your assignment, rank the behaviors in order of the one you most want changed to least changed.  Your professor will discuss if the chosen behavior will work for this assignment or if you need to choose one of your other options.

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