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Co-op Nursing Work Experience

Please see ALL of the attached documents for how the paper is needed to be written, formatted, and information about my goals and work experiences that need to be correlated onto the paper.

*** There is also a copy of my philosophy of nursing paper to refer to***As you write your essay, reflect upon how/why your philosophy has changed or been reinforced through this cooperative education experience*****

*** This cooperative nursing course was basically a class where each student created three goals and tried to achieve those goals through their work exp over the last 5 weeks. I recently JUST started this new job, so my goals were not very well met except for one*** The class journaled and wrote “reflections” of their work day, and since I trained mostly, I didn’t get to reach my goals. I will also attach my journaling so you can see what I had written down over the last few weeks.

In the attachment for the Co-Op Final Criteria, it will point out questions on what to address for each goal I set. There is a separate attachment with my goals.

The attachment with my goals on it also has information on my type of nursing job that I have. I do NOT work in a hospital, I am a home health nurse and go to peoples homes to do their assessments and health care needs.

PLEASE CONTACT me in ADVANCE if you have an issue or do not understand. I CAN NOT extend the deadline. It is due this Friday by midnight and there will be no time to revise. So please let me know if you have questions. The last few assignments I have submitted have been either late or not done correct, so PLEASE let me know if you have questions.

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