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Cognitive Anthropology and Second Language Learning

1Intro-a value o the second language -what can anthropological approach bring to understanding language acquisition? -Cognitive Anthropology 2: Language and culture-Linguistic relativity (Sapir-Whorf hypothesis)what is it? How is it proposed if affects someone’s perception? -What does language say about people and society? •Culture values, philosophy, categorization of the world 3: Cognitive anthropology and second language learning -Psychic unity of man kind: we are all working with the same brain, but culture shapes us in powerful ways -Chinese and English leaners -The challenge: 1)When Chinese learning English the challenge they meet 2) When American learning Chinese the challenge they meet -The difference •graphemic vs. phonemic language; language structure; cultural domains.4Culture Considerations -Chinglish- Chinese cultural values :sense of identity;What does that mean for Chinglish speaker? English as international language:Why English speaker need to learn second language

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