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Colombias and UN ratification of new peace

Essay about UN ratification of new peace accord in Colombia according to international low

It needs to be a multidscipline approach. It should include the legal, international related and security issues.
The format of the Paper will be examined on the following.
1. Structure and methodological approach.
2. Analysis and Case analysis
Structure that we are currently learning is clear.
It needs to include a standard format and style of paper.
Introduction: Statement/questions to be raised/introducing the subject.
Main: what is analyzed how is described. What is the correlation to the matter and the subject.
Answer the why when where with what elements, positioning and clearly describing and defining.
The case study should be as updated as possible. They should be properly sourced and referenced at all times.
Lessons Learned/Recommendations/Solutions
Concluding remarks/personal Statement.
Remember we need critical thinking. Evaluation on the subject matter.
As foresaid the topic is in Security affairs in the framework of International law & Security.

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