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Communicating Risks

Please read the scenario below, and then answer the questions that follow in a 3 page analysis. The questions will guide your analysis of the situation, but need to be presented as part of a summary document to prepare for the discussion with your boss.


You are a project manager working in the mortgage banking industry. Your manager asked you to present the status of your project at a Project Oversight Entity get-away. This entity consists of the highest level executives in the bank. Your manager fears that funding might be cut and that the project might be closed if information is not properly communicated. You need to ensure that all questions regarding risk communication planning and execution are answered perfectly so that your project is approved. The project needs this approval before it can move to the next phase of the project management life cycle.

Project Oversight Entity members are not familiar with your risk management communication plan, so you need to be ready to answer all questions about the following:

*The communication process
*Communication planning activities
*Types of communication used to convey statuses to various stakeholders
*The steps you take to recognize and remove barriers to effective communication to ensure that
  the right people receive the right message at the right time

Your manager wants you to watch the following three videos and then prepare by answering the list of questions that follow for a discussion about communicating risks:

Project Communication Management

1.What is meant by formal communication?
2.What are the methods of communication?
3.What are examples of informal communication?
4.E-mail communication is an example of which type of communication?
5.What is one way to express that you are effectively listening? What is an example of effective
6.Which of the following is a characteristic of an excessive use of jargon?
7.What is an example of a barrier to effective communication? What are the guidelines for being
  respectful of your co-workers?
8.What are the barriers to effective communication?

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