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community health

This assignment is intended to give you some experience in collecting basic demographic and health status data on a particular community. There are a number of resources available online that are helpful in this regard including: the County Health Rankings (link), U.S. Census Bureau, and the Community Toolbox site.  Another source of data may be a CHNA or CHA report that the local health department or hospital has recently completed for the county you will be collecting data for.  You should be able to find such a report(s) by doing an Internet search.

Before beginning this assignment, read Chapter 3, Sections 1-4 from the Community Toolbox (link).

Then fill in all of the data elements in the Excel spreadsheet entitled Module 1 (columns D, E and F), Community Health Profile Template, for the county that you grew up in or currently reside in. Follow the instructions shown on the spreadsheet.
Keep a copy of your Community Health Profile spreadsheet because you will be using it for the assignment in Module 2.

( you will see the instructions in the Excel file )

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