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company law (reflection of previous CW)

General Remarks
Overall you have a clear structure, but the aspects for improvement are in terms of the analysis of whether reforms should be introduced or not. You have, however, discussed at length the benefits and disadvantages of the Salomon principle, so additional analysis or a deeper evaluation of the concept would help you improve. There were some minor spelling/grammatical errors which could be rectified with further checking before submission.

Examine and critically reflect upon the feedback given on your first assignment and draft a response to the feedback that demonstrates improvement on your work.

For example:

• If a comment made by the marker in coursework 1 is that greater linkage between a number of sources would improve the answer, you can make use of coursework 2 to demonstrate how the sources could be linked more closely.
• If a comment made by the marker in coursework 1 invites the student to conclude a particular argument, you can make use of coursework 2 to conclude that particular answer.
• If the marker of coursework 1 suggests that additional sources could be used to support a certain point, you can use coursework 2 to identify these sources and point to their relevance in answering the question.
• If minor points relating to grammar, syntax and referencing are made by the marker in coursework 1, you could demonstrate the correcting of these errors in coursework 2.
• If an element of coursework 1 is pointed out as being particularly good, you could make use of coursework 2 to ensure they understand why it was particularly good and also highlight how this could have been applied to other areas of their work.

* you will be replying to the markers comments, which writter done it as your general feedback, as well as in your returned documents, as comments in track changes.

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