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constitutional law

Chapter 7
How has the Supreme Court explained or defined the terms “civil rights” and “liberties”?
Define the following: Writ of habeas corpus, bill of attainder, and ex post facto laws.
What are the Reconstitution Amendments and what do they provide?
What are the protections afforded by the Fourteenth Amendment?
What is the “state action doctrine”?
Chapter 8
Under what, if any, circumstances does the Equal Protection Clause apply to private conduct?
Define the terms suspect class, quasi-suspect class, and fundamental rights, and explain how each term affects the Equal Protection Clause?
Summarize three Supreme Court cases where the Court found violation of the Equal Protection Clause.
In what ways does the Equal Protection Clause protects voting rights?
What are some of the problems stemming from efforts to eliminate equal protection violations by such means as affirmative action?

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