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create multiple chose question

In this assignment, you will need to submit a word document with three multiple choice questions (each with four response options and the correct response highlighted).  These multiple choice questions will draw from material in the Overview, Class, Age and Gender topics, either from lecture, class discussion or textbook.  The nature of these multiple choice questions should be more application or connection based, rather than pure definition.  Questions will not be reviewed in advance by the teaching team, consider the first mini assignment as a guide for the second.

Marking Guide:

5/5 – Three well written/conceived multiple choice question, each with four response options and the correct response highlighted and all are application/connection based.

4-4.5/5 – Either one of the questions was not sufficiently application/connection based, responses were not highlighted, or there were not the correct number of response options.

3-3.5/5 – Either two of the questions were not sufficiently application/connection based, or there were multiple assignment details not followed.

2-2.5/5- All questions were of subpar quality (not application/connection based), lacking in correct number of responses or the correct response being highlighted. 

1-1.5/5 – All questions had comprehension difficulties, in either language or material.  While assignment details may have been followed, the quality of the assignment overall was found lacking.

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