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critical analysis report

PURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT The purpose of this assignment is to: ? Enable you application of your critical analysis attributes and demonstrate your understanding o f strategic, tactical and operational challenges facing modern project management (PM) profession within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry ? Provide evidence of your ability to review and evaluate various organisational structures forming project environment of a complex (international) construction project ASSUMPTION: (1) you have been appointed the Construction Project Manager leading project team in managing construction of the Joe’s Burger Joint (JBJ) project in Geelong. Necessary design and project management information is provided in CloudDeakin (‘2016 T3 case project’ folder) (2) in your professional career you have been involved in numerous projects including Airlie Bank (AB) project, which was successfully delivered to expectations of all stakeholders (client’s specified quality, within specified environmental constraints, safety standards, efficient use of resources, etc). You decided to review its “Construction Management Plan (CMP)” and if feasible use it as a template for the JBJ project. ASSIGNMENT TASK Based on the above assumptions AND your analysis of (1) the Joe’s Burger Joint (JBJ) project in Geelong documentation and (2) the CMP for AB project your tasks are: • Discuss strategic, tactical and operational challenges of the AB project (some communicated in the CMP). Distinguish between project specific, parent organisation (a builder), industry (AEC) and PM discipline challenges • Speculate on feasible organizational structure for managing the AB project • Identify and reference project management techniques (tools) communicated in the CMP for AB project • Propose a draft version of the CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT PLAN for the Joe’s Burger Joint (JBJ) project in Geelong, which will include at least (1) table of contents and (2) one-paragraph instruction for each section and sub-section of the CMP draft. PLease include GANTT CHART done in microsoft project ..


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