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Critical Thinking Peer-Reviewed Journal Article: Univ or Workplace?

Read the following peer-reviewed journal article and provide a 500-word essay about critical thinking, what it means to you, what the article taught you and if you agree or disagree with the results of the critical thinking study.  Upload the 500 word essay to Canvas.  Any format is acceptable in Microsoft Word and cite the article at the end of the essay. This is a graded assignment. Be sure your name is typed on the first line of the essay and that your name appears in the file name. On Page 124, specifically address what these statements mean to you:
Effects on employability
Following this line of reasoning it is not surprising that some companies also considered the effect of poor CT ability on graduate employability:
“If you dont have the critical thinking part, at least the basics of it introduced at university, you might be at the risk of not getting a job. Maybe then I dont select them if they dont have a particularly strong critical thinking/problem-solving approach.”

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