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Critically assess the risk and benefits of biobanks for societies

This essay has to be written on a base of a case study, the word documents that are attached, concepts needs to be included in the essay as it is one of the most important requirements. The writer has to read carefully all the documents that I am attaching with this order, to be able to write to meet the criteria which has been mentioned in the attached files. It has to be written in proper English language and to a First Class level, it must make a complete sense, and flow well. In text citations has to be done well, reference list has to be done well and all references used must be no older than 2012, so this means I DONT want to see a references from 2011or 2010 or 1980 please. I also have uploaded a model of an essay that is an ideal model for the teacher. Please, the essay that you will be writing should be in that level and must be written in the same style or better.

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