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Critiquing a Quantitative Article

Using the article provided as an attachment here, write up a critique of the article using the following headings.

ARTICLE:  Marshall, B., Roberts, K., Donnelly, J. Rutledge, I. (2011).  College student perceptions on campus alcohol policies and consumption patterns.  Journal of Drug Education . 41(4), 345-358.

BACKGROUND  Should include the Big Problem (the review of the literature):  Current Problem:  Framework:  Aim/purpose  and Research question(s): 
METHODS:    Should include the Design and Participants,Data collection and Data analysis 
RESULTS: What did the researcher find? 
DISCUSSION: What did the researcher conclude and recommend?

YOUR CRITIQUE: Language- was the language of the article easy to understand?:  Was the Research purpose clear?  Were the methods clearly identified? Why did the researcher choose a qualitative approach?  Were the results presented without bias and ethical concerns identified? What was the main point in the discussion ?  Significance:  Value to nursing:  What were the identifiable Weaknesses?

The paper must be in APA 7 format (title page, body with subheadings and reference page).
Focus on reviewing the article, not on what you think of it. 
Your objective opinions can be put in your critique. 

If you want to give subjective opinions then make a separate category called:  Opinion of the article. 

A quantitative research critique form is attached for you (Quantitive Research Critique Form.docx)  – it is not necessary to fill it out if you don’t want to. It is to help you organize your thoughts. 

The guidelines is also attached (Quantitative article review).

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