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Dark Ages


Following the oppression of the “Dark Ages,” people of the Renaissance saw the rise of secularism, humanism and hedonism. How do Renaissance madrigals illustrate this shift in philosophy? Please discuss polyphony, typical topics found in madrigal texts, and the use of vernacular language.

Music Appreciation

One of the main goals of this course is to deepen your understanding of music and its relationship to society. No doubt, you came into this class with preconceived ideas about music. Identify at least three (3) views that you held before taking this class that changed over the course of the semester. In detail, discuss the process through which you changed your mind. Write at least one (1) paragraph on each of the views. In your discussion, describe the class activity or activities (reading, group projects, concert reports, online activities, lectures, discussions) that lead you to alter your views of music. In addition, write a paragraph describing how this class could have been more effective in answering your questions about music.

Extra Credit: Mozart and the Enlightenment

Before the Enlightenment, most composers were supported by the patronage system. That is, they were employed either by the church or the aristocracy. During his later years in Vienna, Mozart became one of the first freelance composers. What aspects of his social surroundings allowed for his entrepreneurship and how were these aspects different from the conditions of past eras? In your discussion, you should include Enlightenment philosophy, the rise of the middle class, and the emergence of public concerts.
Please answer the following three questions in order each question should be answered with 2-3 paragraphs.

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