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Data Analysis

A.  Summarize the real-world business situation you identified in task 1.(Order # 190686755)

B.  Report the data you collected, relevant to the business situation, by doing the following:

1.  Describe the relevant data you collected.

2.  Create an appropriate graphical display (e.g., bar chart, scatter plot, line chart, or histogram) of the data you collected.

Note: This display should be a summary or representation of your data, not raw data.

C.  Report how you analyzed the data using an analysis technique from the given list by doing the following:

1.  Describe an appropriate analysis technique that you used to analyze the data.

2.  Include the output and any calculations of the analysis you performed.

Note: The output should include the output from the software you used to perform the analysis.

3.  Justify why you chose this analysis technique.

D.  Summarize the implications of your data analysis by doing the following:

1.  Discuss the results of your data analysis.

2.  Discuss the limitation(s) of your data analysis.

3.  Recommend a course of action based on your results.

Note: Your recommendation should focus on the results of your analytic technique output from part C2.

E.  Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

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