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Deconstructing the Documentary Peer Discussion (Blackboard)

Deconstructing the Documentary Peer Discussion (Blackboard). Documentaries have long been a source of educational entertainment. However, often there is no connection to the literature spanning the academic field. In this activity, your task is to draw connections between the assigned readings and documentary films. Specifically, you will assess the academic worthiness of the documentary by specifically highlighting segments within the film. You will then explain how the documentary connects to our material.

I evaluate your participation by looking at your overall analysis. I am assessing your ability to analyze and critique the documentary. Do not merely summarize the documentary. I should be able to clearly see the analysis of the documentary through an academic lens. If you only summarize the documentary, you have not completed the activity correctly. You need to share with the class if the documentary is accurate, elaborate on the issues presented, and set the documentary to the current literature on the topic. Think of it this way; answer this question Does this documentary help us and if so, how.  If a friend was having a difficult time with one of the books, which documentary would you tell them to watch? Your purpose is to write a discussion post explaining why you believe this documentary best stands for a selected book or why it does not.  The discussion submission will be at least 350 words.

video link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7w2Gv7ueOc

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