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Deep Economy" by Bill McKibben

In many respects, the book “Deep Economy” by Bill McKibben represents something of a culminating piece of this course (Individuals and Society). This is true in regard to the contemporary phenomenon of globalization. Initially, we have considered the impact of globalization on human groups throughout the world by analyzing globalization’s connection to modern systems of slavery. Specifically, population growth and depletion have left many groups vulnerable to the forces of modernization that have penetrated the world in search of profits. We then saw how globalization has its roots in the broader historical process that pits large-scale societies against earlier forms of tribal or small-scales societies. Bodley’s analysis also focuses out attention on the differences in values that have framed and continue to support this process. Indeed, both Bodley and Bales point to consumerism as the fundamental ideology behind the global commercialization movement of the modern world.

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