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Descriptive Statistics and Probability

Show your work and explain your process for determining the solution for each of these problems on a word document with the solution given below the problem.
If Excel was used, please indicate that as well on the word document.
A word document and/or the Excel Workbook (if used) should be submitted to the Dropbox with labels on the worksheets to indicate which problem is being evaluated.
All answers should be clearly indicated.
Written explanation, reasoning, and rationale should use complete sentences.
Summarize data with frequency distribution tables. 
Create a frequency distribution table from the data selected.
Write a sentence for each of three findings based on the frequency distribution table in terms of the variable chosen.
Visualize numeric variables through histograms. 
Using your frequency information construct a histogram (for continuous variables) or bar chart (for discrete variables). Make sure to title your chart appropriately.
Based on this visual representation, does the data appear to be left skewed, right skewed, or symmetrical. Explain your rationale for the choice.
Calculate measures of central tendency. 
Determine the mean, median, mode, and midrange for the data.
Determine if the data selected is left skewed, right skewed or symmetrical.  Explain the rationale for choosing which way the data is skewed.
Interpret data with descriptive statistics.
Calculate Q1, Q2, and Q3.  Explain the the significance for each measure found.  In terms these results, explain the meaning of the interquartile range.
Calculate the standard deviation for your data.  Describe the range of values that are within 3 sigma of the mean and the impact it has on the likelihood of a value being in that range in terms of the variable chosen.

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