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diabetes in the United Arab Emirates

Research study- social issue
Topic: Diabetes in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
I will attach below my survey, annotated bibliography, power point.


the body paragraphs:
1- introduction (statement of the research problem)
2- paragraph 1 (Significance of Research Problem)
3- para.2 (Risk factors)
3- para.3 and 4 or more (Knowledge and attitude of diabetic patients, Awareness of the issue or any topics you want to discuss about diabetes)
4- para.5 (Review of research)
5- para.6(my own data collection methodology, Methods/techniques of data collection)
6- para.7(Presentation of Data/Results, analysis of results)

1-Statement of Research Problem
Short paragraph
concise and to-the-point summary
“In a nutshell”
Meant to catch reader’s interest
Avoid quotes & technicalities (terms, theories)

2-Significance of Research Problem
Why is it important to study this issue?
Importance to:
(Social) science: scientific community
Importance to society as a whole

3-Rivew of research
Review of existing researches on the problem:
Where was it conducted?
What methods used?
What were the main findings?
Structure of review:
Relate different research reports to each other
They build on each other (early/later)
Identify gap(s)
Locate your research in context of existing research

в–єrefer to annotated bibliography & article review

What methodology did you choose?
Quantitative or qualitative?
Positivist or interpretive?
Why did you choose this over others?
Advantages/disadvantages of each in relation to the research topic

5-Methods/techniques of data collection
What Questions are you going to ask?
Sample size, composition, representativeness distribution?
( I used structured survey- questioner qualitative with closed answers yes or no, convince and snowball sampling. )

6-Presentation of Data/Results
(Statistical )Tables and diagrams
Visual information: photos, maps
Quotes, excerpts

7-analysis of results
Look for patterns in the data
Explain presence or absence of patterns
Compare to other research projects
Refer back to literature review
Summarise main findings

8-Problems faced during research
Methodological problems
Problems in the field
Problems with presentation & analysis
Suggestions for future research

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