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Disaster Health Management

One of the major challenges during the initial phase of a disaster is integrating the public health and emergency management assets. This assignment is to assess how Kitsap County, Washington community emergency medical services organizations, medical treatment facilities (i.e., hospitals, clinics, stand-alone ERs), and public health assets plan to work together to mitigate the loss of life during a disaster scenario. Have the new facilities of stand-alone ERs and urgency care centers been incorporated into the community’s overall surge capacity?

The paper should address the following:

1. Identify a potential disaster likely to impact Kitsap County, WA’s community or region.
2. Evaluate available trauma assets, emergency management services, hospitals, clinics, etc.
3. The community’s potential level of preparedness.
4. The hospital and other parts of the healthcare systems role in responding to a disaster.

5 references would be good!

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