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discussion 4


Discussion 4: Diversity in the Workplace

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In 2019, when reviewing a list of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, less than 5% are womenin fact, there are more men named David that are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies than there are women CEOs.

As we discussed, when leadership at the executive level is diverse, companies are more profitable. So why arent more companies making sure their senior team is diverse?

Discussion Prompt

Take a look at and choose any company that has a CEO who is part of a minority group. This could be Tim Cook at Apple, or Mary Dillon at Ulta, or anyone else of your choosing. Then, go out to that companys website and determine the diversity of that companys senior team (hint: any publicly traded company is likely to list information on their top three executives in the shareholders section).

How did your company do in 2019did they perform better than in 2018 and 2017? Do they have any space on their careers page dedicated to diversity? Answer these questions in your paper.

Write a paragraph about the companys diversity initiatives and if you feel they are benefitting the business.

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