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After World War II several Nazis were convicted of crimes against humanity by an international court. In their defense, those on trial made the argument that they were only following orders. What school of legal thought were these defendants asserting? Do you agree or disagree with their point of view? Give an argument in defense of your position. There is no right or wrong answer I want to hear how you arrive at your conclusions.

What school of legal thought did the international court apply in convictions? Do you think the verdict was just? Why or Why not?

Had you been one of the judges on the trial might you have handled the cases differently? 

Watch the U-Tube video clip Judgement at Nuremberg Verdict.

I would like to hear an argument in favor of the Judgement from students who have last names beginning with the letters A through M.

I would like to hear an argument against the Judgement from students with last names beginning with the letters N through Z.

In your answers please remember to identify the Law and the reasoning behind the Law.

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