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Discussion board. Read the case study and answer the questions, explain your answers

Case Study:

Joe works across the street from your restaurant. He was initially reluctant to come into your place but with time your friendly neighbourhood spot grew on him. He regularly comes in for coffee and a croissant in the morning and or a quick lunch. He has been known to recommend your place to others and is always in your corner

His firm has just landed a new customer that will potentially mean hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to the firm. His Boss asks Joe to arrange food for a breakfast meeting with these clients and obviously he thinks of you. He makes arrangements with your staff to have coffee, tea, breakfast pastries, muesli and quiche delivered on the big day. Joe confirmed the order the morning before the big meeting and was assured that everything would be perfect the next day.

The next morning you hurried into your kitchen and went to work creating a fantastic array of breakfast items and you send them on their way. Unfortunately, the server sent to deliver and set up the event was a bit of a joker and liked to joke around with Joe when he comes in in the morning. He proceeds to tell several off-colour jokes in front of Joes boss and the new clients. In the process, he proceeds to thoroughly embarrass Joe.

1. What are Joes needs and wants when he comes in for breakfast during the week, and what where Joes needs and wants when he asked you to cater to the meeting?

2. Joes relationship with your restaurant is undoubtedly going to change. What lesson did you learn about the evolving relationships between you, your staff and your customers?

3. Based on the fact that you are essentially supplying goods and services to your clients. Do you think its safe to say that based on the high quality of the food and its presentation that Joe will overlook your staff members lapse in Judgement?

4.How has this situation affected Joes lifetime value for your restaurant?

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