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Discussion Topics

Please post from among these topics relating to this weeks materials and readings:

<> What newspaper(s) do you read on a regular basis? Do prefer the print or online version? Why?

<> Do you use newspapers as a source for advertisements and/or coupons? What kinds of products and services do you seek through newspaper ads, and how do those advertisements attract your attention?

<> What consumer and/or professional magazines do you subscribe to? How do they serve your needs and interests?

<> What sorts of advertisements are placed in the magazines you read? How do the magazine ads and content target its particular audience?

<> Which radio format(s) do you listen to most often? What kinds of advertisements are targeted at that particular audience?

<> Share any topics this week you may have found relevant to your work with cross-cultural global marketing challenges.

<> What news did you see this week that might relate to our course topics?

<> Feel free to start your own discussion thread on any related topic, or review an article from the course supplemental website: course.wwmr.us/readings.htm.  http://course.wwmr.us/readings.htm

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