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Draft Cost Management Document

You will be creating a 2-3 page cost management document related to your project.

1.Project Overview — Provide a brief description of the project (scope statement, not entire document, just a high level overview; one or two brief paragraphs)
2.Estimation Process Description — At minimum address the following items:
a.What estimating method or methods will you be using?
b.Why will you be using these methods? Provide a valid explanation as to why these methods were chosen over the alternatives.
c.Who will be responsible for creating the estimates?
d.Who will be responsible for reviewing and approving the estimates?
e.How will the estimates be aggregated?
f.How will you seek to account for padding and reserves in your estimates?
g.Statement regarding level of accuracy and units of measure and organizational procedures link (see PMBOK Guide)
3.Current estimate of your chosen project
a. Create a brief summary of the estimated costs associated with the major deliverables of your project.
b.It is best to create a table of the major deliverable and the cost associated with each and then provide a total
c.Note: This initial estimate should be a high-level estimate

Document should professionally formatted using titles, headers, and bullets where appropriate.
Consider using a MsWord document template to format the report.
A template may be used for the formatting, but all content must be original to you.
You must include a title page and cite any outside sources using a works cited page according to APA 6th edition guidelines
Submission is free of grammatical errors and misspellings

I’ve attached both the project summary and work break down structure(MS project file). Please elaborate on the project summary based on research and imagination, the project is made up.

If you don’t have Ms project, I’ve also attached screenshots of the WBS!

Please answer all questions according to the project summary and the WBS attached! The estimating methods I’m going to use are top-down and analogous, please don’t use others!

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